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Chess Gymnasium

Chess Gymnasium

Autor: Jaan Ehlvest

"Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant bathe", an Indian proverb says.

Chess is an excellent educational tool. Chess can teach a child to think imaginatively, logically, and with feeling. It teaches many mental "tricks", making a child smart. The process of learning the basics of this "wise game" helps students to develop orientation skills, to plan ahead and foresee the results of their actions, to memorize, compare, and generalize. In solving problems, students develop perseverance, self-reliance, patience, resourcefulness, and imagination.

Based on decades of research and practice, this fun and colourful textbook/workbook set is designed for teaching chess to young children - and the teacher does not need to know anything about chess! To build a solid foundation in the game, the book introduces each concept gradually and through devices and methods appealing to children. Besides simply learning how each piece moves, the students solve various problems with the help of cartoons, riddles and fairy tales.

The textbook/workbook set was compiled by the Estonian Grandmaster of Chess, Jaan Ehlvest.

Price of the set: EUR 38.00 or USD 49.99


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